Several Ways to Have in an Apartment

choose-a-realtorMost of you may have been really excited about moving into your new apartment. But after moving there, you may be stumped about what to do with it, how to set it up, and buy all those necessary things you need in an apartment. You’ve probably already got a list of the basic things to buy for a new apartment from your mom, or another friend who recently moved out. As necessary as those things are, there is also something else that speaks of the apartment as yours, the d├ęcor. Living on your own in an apartment should be able to portray all those traits that define you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy or a girl because things mentioned in the list below are suitable for both. Ultimately, it all boils down to personal choice. A guy can like floral prints and a girl can like having posters of the latest and best cars and bikes around her! Take a look at all these other things to have in an apartment.


If you have a room in your apartment, your bed will make it there, and the sofa-cum-bed can be used as a spare for those stay-overs, or when someone comes visiting. If you live in a studio apartment, the sofa-cum-bed is a great alternative to regular sofas, and is a big space saver. Remember to buy a color that suits your style. For instance, if you like it trendy go for printed upholstery. The variety is endless, from polka dots to stripes to floral and abstract prints. On the other hand, if you like it classy, go for a solid color with printed cushions.

Throw Cushions

Using throw cushions of different sizes adds the necessary jazz to your apartment. Yes, cushions are meant to be all fluffy, soft, and mushy, but they do serve a purpose, and when used with the right covers, they transform the apartment completely. Again, there is a huge variety in the colors and prints, even shapes of throw pillows. Choose something that complements you and your style, and you are good to go. An important tip: if you are using throw cushions on a single-colored sofa, go for a contrasting color, or better yet, a printed cushion cover. On the other hand, if your sofa is printed, use solid-colored throw cushions. This creates the right balance in the design.


There’s nothing like a recliner to kick back and enjoy the big game, or watch your favorite movie. If you have the space, recliners can make for great relaxing seating arrangements.

Multipurpose Coffee Table

A coffee table can serve many purposes. If it comes with storage, it is the answer to all your woes especially if your pad is small. In fact, there are several such designs for coffee tables that are available for you to be able to take care of your storage problems. One such unique design is that of a coffee table with a magazine rack. Not only does it serve the basic purpose, it’s funky and adds style to your space. Depending on your requirement, pick up the right coffee table for you.

Bean Bags

What is an apartment without bean bags? They are comfortable and provide additional seating when you have your pals over for some fun. Even if you don’t, sit on your bean bag and read a book, listen to some music, or just day-dream. It is an all-purpose seating solution!

Funky Lamps

Artificial lighting has a great effect on the way your apartment looks. Also, while decorating things in an apartment, you cannot miss out on the visual appeal that a weirdly shaped and funky lamp provides. You should preferably buy free standing floor lamps, and not one those that are fixed to a wall. This way you will be able to move it around the apartment, as and when needed.


Along with all the other items mentioned above, rugs also add the richness of color to your apartment. Use it to fill up an empty patch, or simply for the purpose of decoration. One of the best uses of a rug is to throw it on the floor across your sofa, and have some throw cushions on them. Voila! You have one more seating arrangement to accommodate all those visitors! A rug with throw cushions is even a great choice for a cozy corner for two. Available in a variety of colors and prints, and textures too, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect rug for your apartment.

A Cozy Corner for Two

Brought your date home to enjoy a romantic meal and more? A cozy corner for two will really spice things up, and provide the appropriate environment for the perfect date. Generally also, it makes for a great focal point in the apartment. Even if you use two bean bags and a small coffee table placed on a rug, it serves the purpose. Just remember to keep the lights dim, and a few beautiful candles at hand. Who says you need to go out to enjoy a perfect candle-lit dinner?

Readers’/Music/Art Zone

Whether you enjoy reading, playing, or listening to music, love creating art, or just like writing, try to enjoy your hobby in a zone designated for this purpose. A reader’s or writer’s zone would ideally comprise comfortable seating (perhaps a single cane swing), a small desk, along with a book rack (also available in a variety of funky shapes and sizes). For a musician, ample space to keep the musical instrument(s) is essential. For the art lover, a chest of drawers to accommodate all the essentials for the purpose, along with a desk, or space for an easel if required makes for a great space to enjoy your hobby. Use your storage furniture as room dividers to demarcate your hobby zone. Designating a space to enjoy your passion will transport you to another world altogether, and bring out the best in you. Whatever your hobby, do it in a space you are most comfortable.

Wall Art and Accessories

Bare walls are like a blank canvas to which you can add absolutely anything you like. Since you are in an apartment you might not be allowed to paint the walls or apply wallpaper. But you can definitely use some beautiful wall decorations to decorate your apartment. Put up pictures of yourself, family or friends in a variety of different colored frames. If you enjoy photography as a hobby, decorate the walls with some of your best photographs. Movie buffs can put up posters of their favorite movies, idols, stars, and in general, cars too. Put up the artwork you have created, be it a wall hanging or an oil painting. A great way to get the best of everything is to put up one big pin up board, and create a collage of all your favorites in one giant space! The ideas are endless, and the choice, completely yours. Even funky shaped mirrors are now very popular as pieces of wall art. Admire yourself, and your choice by getting one of those. Cool clocks such as ‘Felix the cat’ are another way of accessorizing your walls. Get some hanging shelves and place all the bric-a-brac you picked up from a garage sale, or from your favorite furniture store. Choose a wall that can create a focal point in your apartment, say above a sofa, or a wall against which nothing else has been placed.

Beaded Curtains

Apart from the regular curtains and drapes for your windows, beaded curtains are other great choices, and are in fact ideal if you want to divide a space in your apartment, or even to decorate a bare wall. The colors and shapes they are available in make them unique interior decorating accessories.


Real or artificial, houseplants breathe a whole new life to your apartment. They bring with them the freshness of nature, and are one of the best things to have in an apartment. Keep them all around and get inspired!

Even if this isn’t your first apartment or the first time you are living alone, you must have at least one of these aforementioned things to define your apartment. Personal style reflects in the way you decorate your apartment, so make the most of it by adding a personal touch to your own little paradise. Only remember, the bottom line of good apartment living is comfort. Don’t try to stuff everything into your apartment. Just choose what you think would be the best for you and enjoy this experience.

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