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Motivations Of Real Estate Investors And Shrewd Home Buyers

Seasoned real estate investors always operate under the assumption that real estate players have a full grasp of the current market conditions. These street smart stakeholders can easily detect whether they are dealing with a person whose knowledge of the goings on and understanding of the real estate market is adequate or not. The name of the game, in as far as real estate investor is concerned, is PROFIT. All actions and decisions are influenced by this main motivation. As such, other intangibles take the backseat for as long as the prospect of substantial earning is a strong possibility.

You dont have to be a battle scarred real estate investor to be on the same league as these shrewd marquee players in the real estate arena. What is most critical for a newbie in real estate investing is to take the right first step. Before you even get your feet wet and explore your investment options, it is crucial that your end goals are already in place.

Off hand, you can refer to the lure of BIG MONEY as the main reason. However, the task goes beyond this general qualification of your motivation. It is critical that you have a clear understanding on your specific preference in as far as the KIND of money is concerned.

When deciding on the kind of money that you can earn as a real estate investor, we have to look at the three income types. These are lump sum or upfront cash, passive income and long term or potential income. This critical element of real estate investing will have a major bearing on the path you are going to take and the decisions you are going to make while considering various investment opportunities.

If you are more inclined to earn upfront or lump sum income, then your best option will be to take the path of wholesale and flips investment opportunities. If you are looking to include passive income in your portfolio, then one of your possible investment strategies is the lease option.

Further, if you plan to focus your efforts on investment opportunities that are generally passive income generator, then you will have develop and sharpen your skills in the assessment of opportunities in the multi-family and other cash flow asset segments. You may also consider as your investment options commercial real estate properties once you are able to achieve a high level of proficiency as a real estate investor.

An investor who intends to take the long term income route must be able to establish a strong financial capacity as these investment strategy will require you to buy in and hold on to your investment over a long period of time. Once you opt for long term or potential income, you eliminate the risks that are related to short term investment options. As you are looking for options that will tie you down on the long haul, you will appreciate and assess business prospects that are influenced by long term economic prospects.

Transient dips and contraction in the real estate market as well as the economy as whole will not have that significant impact as your gains are assessed on the general trends in the market on the long term. That being said, investors usually go for real estate investments as these are seen as the best options especially when there is a downtrend in the market and economic recession.

We can define the real estate investment landscape by looking how shrewd real investors and buyers see a home as a money earning opportunity. This will have a major impact on your choice of preferred locations and sites as you weigh the economic growth and earning potential in each of these real estate markets being considered. At the end of the day, real estate investors will go for a particular investment option based on their assessment of three critical variables  location, location and location.

How To Gain Visibility And Attract Leads In Real Estate Investing

When you get your real estate investor website up and running, you must then make sure the website will attract leads and convert them to closed deals. Sadly, when most people get a website, they do not do any marketing at all, and assume the business will start flowing.

You must market your website to attract leads and bring you more business.

In this article we focus on how you can attract leads and convert them to closed deals through your real estate investor website.

1)Tools to convert leads
A good real estate investing website must be well equipped to receive every visitor and engage them fully, and convert them to prospects for later follow-up. The ultimate goal is to convert every visitor to a closed real estate transaction.

The following features must come integrated on your website at the very least:

i)Speaking models
You only have 20 seconds to capture the attention of a website visitor or lose them for ever.

Speaking models are life-like people on interactive real estate investor websites that welcome the visitors with a friendly down to earth message that engages the visitor instantly and captures their attention.

Of course the speaking models must convey a message that interests the visitor and deliver a clear call to action message that leads to a specific action, such as signing up or submitting their house information.

The end result is that when a visitor lands on the website, they get signed up for future follow-up which converts them to closed real estate deals.

ii)Landing pages / Squeeze pages
A good real estate investing website must come equipped with landing pages, popularly known as squeeze pages.

Squeeze pages collect contact information in exchange for a free gift, such as a free report or an E-book.

Squeeze pages should also come with their own speaking models and video to make them more effective.

E-books are used to provide helpful information to website visitors. Your website must be delivered already equipped with these resources. To increase credibility, the E-books should come fully personalized with your company name with you as the author.

Of course, before they can receive the E-book, they need to provide their contact information such as name and email.

iv)Inbuilt autoresponders
Inbuilt autoresponders take charge once visitors sign up on the website. The visitors start receiving helpful email messages at carefully timed intervals. These email messages are fully personalized with the visitors name to boost their response.

The messages are written to build rapport with and prompt them to take the next step, such as call you or submit their house information.

They already think of you like an old friend by the time they talk to you.

People generally prefer to watch video instead of read long web pages.
Your website must come equipped with the best of both worlds that caters for both people who like to read or watch video.

vi)Buyers lists
In order to sell your houses fast, you must build a buyers list. Your website must come equipped with inbuilt buyers lists and allow people to join your buyers lists as they view your properties.

It is possible to get a buyer for a house the same day you send out a brochure to your buyers list from your virtual back office.

vii)Social media
Everyone these days interacts with their friends through the social media. That is why you must get a website that is equipped to interact with your friends through the social media.

As they view the properties you have for sale, they can recommend them to their friends or like them on Facebook, Twitter, Google and others.

They can also comment directly on your website through the social media. Their friends on these social media see these actions, leading to exponential exposure and more closed deals.

2)Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization positions your website favorably in the search engines in comparison to your competitors.

Content that is considered more relevant and popular by the search engines is ranked higher. The website you get for your real estate investing business therefore needs to have these two elements carefully integrated:

Search engines can easily tell they type of content your website has when they index the content.

They do this by weighing the keywords on the website. Your website therefore must have each page carefully optimized for the keywords that you target.

The keywords must be represented in the Title and Description in the meta tags, as well as in the content. You must create content with the human eye in mind first, even though it is optimized for search engines.

This way, each page is fully equipped targeting specific keywords.

Interactive real estate investor websites come fully optimized targeting your local area where you buy and sell houses. This way, it attracts business right in your home turf where you buy and sell houses.

Websites with a lot of back links are ranked higher by the search engines because they consider them to be more popular.

This means that if you can build quality links from high quality popular websites, then you will rank better than competition. These links must be associated with good, relevant content on reputable websites.

You should be careful how you build your back links or you could get penalized by the search engines.

Just a year ago, you could submit your website to thousands of websites and climb to number one within a week.

Today you will get blacklisted for spamming the search engines.

Interactive real estate investor websites also offer optional search engine optimization services that you can use for more visibility in the search engines.

3)Offline marketing
Whenever you are sending out your letters and post cards, do not forget to include your website address. The leads you attract by offline marketing can also be converted by your website.

When you let your real estate investor website convert leads for you, you end up closing more deals using less time, money and effort.